New Miles Morales Spider-Man pic (with flat colors) pic and a return of the sale on prints and pixel art commissions!

Weekend sale on line art and pixel art prints!

12th Anniversary of the Illmosis site! The Hazelle sprite seen in the last month’s DangerTerrorHorrorThon on ScrollBoss has been added to the gallery along with a brand-new Nutroll sprite!

Some Halloween pixel art is here to bring this site back from the dead!

new pixel art pics of the Legend of Zelda and the Justice League!

New art of Chun-Li from the Street Fighter series!

Black Panther art in full color and TMNT sprites from a recent ScrollBoss update were added to that gallery page. Also: Lego Batgirl and Pac-Man prints are now available!

Today’s newness includes the finished Lego Batgirl ’66 pic and a new Black Panther pic in flat color (for now).

New(-ish) art of Pac-Man, Lego Batgirl, plus a recap of all the stuff that’s happened lately and an alert about the All-AmeriCon convention!

Cyber Week on the site starts today! There’s a sale on art prints, but that’s the boring part of cyber week. The fun part is that the invasion of cyborgs begins!