April 17th, 2017
Spider-Man (Miles Morales)

Dang, I haven’t been here since November of last year? Sorry. it’s not the worst gap between updates on this site, BUT STILL. Today’s newness is a Miles Morales Spidey pic. “He’s drawing kinda recent characters now?” It was a request, so that explains that! It’s in flat color mode for now, but will be finished either this or next month.

What I’ve been up to since last November: first, a ton of updates on ScrollBoss since then, including lots of finishing touches for that site’s image generators and some video work (even a 2016 recap video).

I’ve also been doing a lot of fighting game-style pixel art commissions, and I’ve opened up more commission slots. Check out that commissions page for all the details

I’m putting all line art and pixel art prints back on sale again until further notice. 8×10 and 8×11 prints are $5.00 each and 11 x 17 prints $8.00 each!

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November 25th, 2016

Illmosis / ScrollBoss prints sale!

November 25th to November 28th:
8×10 and 8×11 prints are $5.00 each!
11 x 17and 11 x14 prints $8.00 each!

Check out the prints page here!

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November 6th, 2016
2016 Fighting game-style sprites of NutrollFighting game-style sprites of Hazelle Spellcaste

It’s the 12th anniversary of the Illmosis site! Between sinus problems and a month-long stretch of trying to churn out horror sprites for the DangerTerrorHorrorThon on ScrollBoss, I’m a little tired. There’s still some newness to be had with the Hazelle sprite seen on the other site (but with a new, simple background) and an all-new Nutroll sprite. Both gallery pages have .GIFs made from different points of progress as I worked on the sprites.

Now that the big code rewrite of the GFX Generators on ScrollBoss is finally done and the DangerTerrorHorrorThon there is over, I can give this place some of the attention it’s needed for a long time. Sorry for the absence and I’ll try to breath some life back into this spot!

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October 31st, 2016

So I’ve been doing to DangerTerrorHorrorThon event over on ScrollBoss for a few days, but I decided to put one of my own characters into the mix on the final day:

There’s Hazelle, my old Halloween mascot, right in the middle and with a slightly modified outfit.

I also made a portrait of Blade:

I still suck at likenesses, but people seem to be digging that pic so far. Happy Halloween!

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July 1st, 2016
Sprite of Link from Legend of Zelda series of games by NintendoPixel art group shot of DC's Justice Leauge

I didn’t want to get ring rust with the pixels, so I had to dip back into the dot art side of things, and I have two pics to show for it. One is of the Justice League, though you may have seen some of the sprites when I posted them on ScrollBoss. The other is based on the ending for the original Legend of Zelda.

Don’t forget, the All AmeriCon convention is on the way! See their Facebook page for more details!

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The Strongest Woman in the World
June 23rd, 2016
Street Fighter's Chun-Li leaps into action

A new pic of Chun-Li from Street Fighter has been added to the gallery! It’s been a while since I scribbled a Street Fighter and Chun-Li just seemed like the right character to draw. I also added the original sketch to the Black Panther pic I drew earlier this month. I still need to get test prints of both pics before adding them to the prints section here.

Chun-Li here will probably be the last color pin-up I finish before the All-AmeriCon convention in July. Cue the flyer image!

Note that I said that’s all for line art, because I plan to get at least one more pixel art print ready. I finished a few new sprites in-between all the new line art pics I’ve done for the past few weeks and some will probably be used in those prints. I’ll keep you updated on what I’ll have at the convention, but I’ll try to have some free coloring pages and flyers to give out, plus previews of new stuff to show if you stop by my table.

I’ll be back next week with more stuff! **claps and points like Chuck Barris**

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Black Panther in living color + recent Turtle sprites
June 13th, 2016
T'Challa, the Black PantherTMNT sprites made from scratch.

Yesterday was my birthday and I spent most of it working on the background for the full-color Black Panther pic. He’s a character I’ve wanted to draw for a long time, so it felt really good to finish his pic on my birthday. I also added some TMNT sprites to their gallery page here. These hit ScrollBoss in the Free Comic Book Day update in May and were so rushed that I didn’t take any progress steps while doing them. Still, they managed to look okay. Also: the Pac-Man and Lego Batgirl pics are now available as prints!

Reminder: the All-AmeriCon 2016 in Warren, Ohio is less than a month away!

I’ll have prints to sell, flyers to give away (and, fingers crossed, free coloring pages again, if I can get them printed). I’ll also have some printouts of stuff that isn’t on this site or ScrollBoss yet, so check that out, too. There’s a kick-butt artist’s alley every year that has every taste covered, lots of cool comic and toy dealers (where I try not to drop all my profits) and top-notch cosplayers rolling through. It’s a great time every year, so stop in if you can!

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Exit the Bat, Enter the Panther
June 8th, 2016

Lego Batgirl
T'Challa, the Black Panther
The Lego Batgirl pic is done (the ’66 TV show version) and on a background similar to the Lego Spidey pic from 2014. I also have a preview of the Black Panther in flat colors, mainly because I’ve wanted to draw T’Challa again for YEARS, but none of the attempts worked out.

Both the Pac-Man pic (from last week) and Batgirl pics will be available in the print section once I get test prints of both. I’ll be back with more newness next week (or sooner)!

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Pac-Man, Lego Batgirl and news
May 31st, 2016
Pac-ManLego Batgirl

Finally, an update! Today’s newness is full-color art of Pac-Man and a black & white pic of Lego Batgirl (my own 60’s TV version) hit the gallery hard enough to knock a bit of the dust off that place. Gotta start being productive and get some new prints ready for the All-AmeriCon convention. The Pac-Man pic will be available as a print after I test it out.

I’ll have a table there again with both line art and pixel art prints along with some more stuff that won’t be on this site, ScrollBoss or Beans vs. Cornbread yet, so roll by the table to check it out, even if you don’t want to buy anything. I’ll also have the free 20XX Party Flyers to give out, too!

I was at the Warren All-American Comics shop on Free Comic Book Day and a news video captured me in full-on sleep deprivation mode:

That was after over a week of barely sleeping while trying to work on some free coloring pages to give out and stuff for the a ScrollBoss update and then getting about 3 hours of sleep.

I haven’t been very active here this year, but I’ve gotten a lot done with ScrollBoss. I’ve got the an early version of the new image generator up and running, with a ton of new or updated pixel art to go along with it. I’ve also been learning to use Clip Studio Pro (which I’ve used to ink all my new stuff) and Anime Studio (old examples here and here). I also drew and colored a book cover that I can’t show yet. So, yeah, I haven’t been sittin’ around eatin’ chocolates and not conditioning.

I’ll be back with more soon!

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Cyber Week 2015
December 1st, 2015

The prints on both this site (and ScrollBoss) are on sale for Cyber-Week, which lasts until Sunday, November 6th. 8×10 and 8×11 prints are $4.50 each while the 11 x 17 prints $8.50 each.

ScrollBoss’ update yesterday wrapped up November’s business yesterday by adding Illmosis character sprites to the gallery on ScrollBoss and making a new SFA3 portrait for Karnov, just to make sure that I’ve properly celebrated Karnovember. Today’s update adds a new sprite to go with the cyber theme:

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