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CoCo Future

Real Name: Bernadette Collins
Alias: CoCo Future
Affiliation: No affiliation
Allies/Friends: Rosana 'Digisynteca' Acero (profile), Susan 'Inkwelle' Weaver (profile)
Enemies: No enemies
Occupation: Dancer and Electronics Repair
Height: 5"6 Weight: ???
Eye Color: brown
Hair Color: black
Likes: dancing, funk, funk and also funk.
Dislikes: Anything that refuses to funk.
First appearance: Nutroll: the Illness

Artwork Gallery: here

Very little background information is known about CoCo Future including whether or not Bernadette or CoCo is the true persona. CoCo claims to be a time-traveller sent from a distant, dystopian and nearly funkless future to this point and time to help revive funk and change the future. Not even her friends are sure whether or not she is just being in character but she's just too much fun for most people to question it. It may explain why she's so good with electronics and why she keeps asking for parts that haven't been made... or made yet. Now that she hooked Rosana and Susan hooked on the Funk, she plots and plans to spread this love further throughout the world or die trying.

She was dancing on a stage platform alongside her friends Rosana 'Digisynteca' Acero and Susan 'Inkwelle' Weaver during the "Yellow Mask" incident at Klubtronique.
Abilities and Skills:
Dancing, mastery of various electronic musical instruments and an overall strong knowledge of electronics.
Gear, Equipment, etc.:
Dancing: usually catsuits of varying spaced-out degrees. Also carries custom prop pistols (or 'Bop-Guns') co-designed by her friend Rosana. Normally wears t-shirs and baggy military BDU trousers.
Comics featuring CoCo Future:
No comic links
Like all the dancers, CoCo Future started making her backstory as I designed her. Part of her story was originally an idea for a game but I decided that it fit CoCo even better. Funk fans that look at her name should be able to figure out where her 'real name' comes from. Is she really from the future? Why should I tell you now?