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Abobo (Double Dragon) - 2007
Artwork by James Beaver

In case you've never played the classic Double Dragon series of games, Abobo appears in various places of part one and appears in nearly every port of the arcade game. Known for his might, the first time that we saw him was when he broke through a brick wall with his ham-sized fists. Due to crazy stuff like that, he's well-loved by the internet video game community. I tried to give him the unique Abobo shape from the arcade games with the meaty, insane face from the NES port. The pose is partially based on one of his walking frames since Double Dragon characters don't have stationary poses. Two alternate versions of this pic come from the Arcade version of the game. The mohawked version is the boss of Mission 1 and the Green version (finally done in 2008) appears at the end of Mission 3.

To learn more about Double Dragon, visit your local libra -, er, visit this site: the Double Dragon Dojo.

Alternate Versions:
Edit - Mission 1 version (arcade) Edit - Mission 1 version (arcade)
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Abobo (Double Dragon)