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Abobo - Mission 1 Boss (arcade) (Double Dragon) - 2007
Artwork by James Beaver

In case you've never played the classic Double Dragon series of games, Abobo appears in various places of part one and appears in nearly every port of the arcade game. This is an edit from a pic I drew of the Bolo/Abobo that I posted a link to below. This Abobo appears at the end of the Mission 1 in the arcade game. The weird thing is that some official record from somewhere must've referred to this guy as Abobo. But nearly every port of the game refers to the bald white version as Abobo including the home versions by Technos. **shrugs**

To learn more about Double Dragon, visit your local libra -, er, visit this site: the Double Dragon Dojo.

Alternate Versions:
Edit - Mission 1 version (arcade)
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Abobo (Double Dragon)