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Damnd (Final Fight) - 2006
Artwork by James Beaver

In Capcom's "Final Fight" game from l989, Damnd (called Thrasher in censored home versions of the game) is the end boss of round 1 who also places the ransom call for the Mad Gear gang when they kidnap the mayor's daughter.

This was one tough character to translate to my drawing style. This was my third time trying to draw him and I almost abandoned this attempt as well. But I fought through it and it turned out better that I thought it would. With no distinct fighting stance, the recreated pose is plain. Luckily, he's got a bit of a creepy smile to see him through. Of course, this'll be used on my ScrollBoss gaming site since Final Fight is one of the more popular games there. Forgot about the arm rag (not seen in his character design art)until just now. Pic #11 of 2006.

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