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the Dark Queen (Battletoads) - 2005
Artwork by James Beaver

This is the Dark Queen from the"Battletoads" video game series by Tradewest. As you may have guessed, these games were released during the 1st heyday of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. In fact, the ads from the first 'Toads game actually mocked the Turtles. This series featured 3 mutated frogs who were usually rescuing somebody from the evil Dark Queen and her bugged-out assortment of creatures, robots and all other manner of crazy critters. She's like some 1950's or 1960's evil space queen gone all naughty and I really dig that. I've got to be honest here: the Dark Queen was my favorite element of the game. Plus, there are some times where the gameplay in Battletoads can be a bit on the 'cheap' side and I don't really find that fun. Still, it gave me a chance to draw big hair.
In 2005, I plan to try and color all of the good 2004 pics that I drew whenever I'm not working on something else. The Dark Queen here is the first of those pics. Plus, this artwork will pop up at the new version of ScrollBoss, much like any of the art of old action-adventure gaming characters will. I was going to do a background for this one, but I really want to move on to some other stuff right now.

Alternate Versions:
B and W with modified face
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Dark Queen (Battletoads)