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Electra (Streets of Rage) - 2006
Artwork by James Beaver

Yes, another female video game villain with a whip. I had a pic started of her last year, but it just got screwed up at some point. I decided to try it again and things seem to have worked this time. Nothing really fancy here, but good enough for character profile and graphic purposes on my ScrollBoss site. One issue that hung me up on the first try at this was trying to figure out whether or not her whip replaces her right hand or not. It looks that way in many of the sprites, but the one piece of official art I've seen of her from the Japanese manual blocks her arm. Since she definitely has two hands in Streets of Rage 3, I just drew the hand anyway. This is the 2nd pic I've drawn in 2006.
And just in case you're curious, yes... I like drawing women with big hair. It's just fun.

Here's some of her sprites from the game:

Alternate Versions:
Flat Color
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Electra (SoR)