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Blue Thief standing (Golden Axe) - 2007
Artwork by James Beaver

If you grew up playing Sega's classic game Golden Axe, you already know this crumb-bum and feel a sudden urge to kick your monitor. These little thieves would ran around with sacks filled with stolen magic bottles and you'd have to kick them so they'd drop them. During the bonus rounds, he'd steal YOUR bottles and you'd have to kick him the butt to get them back. They're so hated that I used their standing sprite from the game as the hotlink replacement image for anyone trying to hotlink certain images from my ScrollBoss site. I wanted to keep the semi-cuteness of these things while also making them look kinda creepy.

Note: the sprite that I used as reference was from the arcade version where he didn't have the lil' ball at the end of his cap. I was going to put it in there until I saw the sprite didn't have one and chalked it up to a faulty memory. I just looked at a Genesis screenshot and the ball is there. I may or may not make an alt version with a redrawn cap.
Alternate Versions:
Black and White Flat Color Green Thief version
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Blue Thief (Golden Axe)