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Lemanaya (Golden Axe) - 2009
Artwork by James Beaver

Lemanaya is one of the villainous amazons from Sega's Golden Axe. I planned to draw her but someone on deviantART mentioned her name a few months ago and I bumped her up on my to-draw list. I made her a bit more muscular because these women not only swing these axes like crazy in the game but seem to outrun most of the men in the game while carrying them. Seeing as how Golden Axe looks like an electronic Boris Vallejo painting, giving her a look fitness model/bodybuilder look seems appropriate. Her art in the Japanese manual for the Mega Drive (Genesis) port is more muscular so I guess it's okay. Her outfit here is from that Genesis port and lacks the front loincloth from the arcade version. I tried to draw the cloth along with the new head I drew for this but it looked too boring to include.
Alternate Versions:
Base Color B&W B&W with original head
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Lemanaya (Golden Axe)