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Guy - Bushin Senpu Kyaku (Final Fight) - 2006

When ScrollBoss hit 30,000 hits, I wanted to do a decent "Thank you!" pic for once. The original plan was to draw three heroes who had three letters in each name, but I got as far as Guy (pictured here) and Pit (from Kid Icarus) before coming up empty. Then the idea of using enemies from Guy's game (Final Fight) hit me and I immediately thought of Axl (Axel Rose-lookin' one) and Dug (the bald one). He's doing his Bushin Senpu Kyaku spinning kick and the trail I drew is close to how it'd go if it were animated. I hadn't drawn a group fight like this in while, so I sketched them all separately then lightboxed onto the same piece of paper.
Alternate Versions:
Sketches Rough Layout Black and White Flat Color
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Guy (Final Fight) , Axl (Final Fight) , Dug (Final Fight)