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Guy (Final Fight) - 2005
Artwork by James Beaver

Once again, It's Guy from Capcom's Final Fight & Street Fighter series. Guy is the 'speedy/agile' character in Final Fight when compared to Haggar and Cody. Many people remember Guy as the character who was left out of the SNES/Super Famicom version of Final Fight due to memory limitations. He proved to be so popular that another SNES Final Fight port was made with him replacing Cody. He returned again in the Street Fighter Alpha series along with Cody and bosses Sodom and Rolento. Guy also represents the SFA series in the 'Capcom Fighting Evolution' game. He's a favorite of many gamers and I'm just that kind of gamer.

Same pose, but this is his 'Street Fighter Alpha' outfitI've been trying to get this pose (inspired by his Final Fight select screen portrait and Street Fighter Alpha win pose) right for what seems like an eternity. In fact, last year's attempt is the only one that's barely good enough not to hide. By concentrating on the 'energy' of the pose instead of trying to make it look natural, I came much closer to hitting the mark. I think that's what gives this version a bit more visual flair than the other tries which look like some normal person standing with their arms folded. This is the closest I've come to being satisfied with it and I think I'll color it later on down the road. With that, maybe I can move on to drawing other Final Fight characters. Eh, we'll see. For those who also know about my 'ScrollBoss' game fan site have probably guessed that they'll see the finished product there, too.

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Guy (Final Fight)