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Harley Quinn at bat, er, mallet (D.C. Comics) - 2008
Artwork by James Beaver

Drawn during "April 2008's Month of the Fool" celebration, this image of Harley just popped into my head. The idea was less about sex appeal and more about how she's as nutty as she is cute. The logical part of my brain kept trying to straighten her stance as I drew it but goofiness won out and kept the pic from being boring. When I finally got the pose right, it was too tall for the paper. I knew I'd never get it this good again, so I just finished it there and drew the mallet top on a separate sheet of paper. I also took that chance to draw a second, cartoony facial expression that I really wanted to draw her with. I worried it was too goofy and Stimpy-like, but I found a comic cover with her making the same face as I was trying to find reference for those danged diamonds on her outfit. If you ever need some time to kill, do an internet image search of Harley Quinn and look at where the diamonds are on her outfit in each picture. This was one of my favorites from the last few years so I made a background for it in 2010.
Alternate Versions:
Initial doodles B&W Alternate 'Silly' face Smile face
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Harley Quinn