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Karnov stand (Data East Universe) - 2007
Artwork by James Beaver

This pic isn't pretty, but getting it drawn was an excercise in fighting off the artist's lull that I felt coming on after a drama-filled week. I also drew him because I'll be needing artwork of him for ScrollBoss soon. I'm not a fan of how he looks in the later Fighter's History games, so I mixed a bit of his look from his own game Karnov with his pose looking a bit like Bad Dudes fighting stance. There'll probably be a flame glow in his mouth when I color this, but I may draw some separate flames leaking out of his mouth and use them as an effect layer. For some reason, I drew him with bushy eyebrows like Li Kui/Black Whirlwind from Seven Blows of the Dragon/the Water Margin.
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