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Linda (Double Dragon) - 2005
Artwork by James Beaver

In the early days of ScrollBoss, my fan site for old side-scroller and action/adventure games, I drew horrible and hastily-drawn full body pics for the character profiles. I planned to redraw them all some day when I was better. Well, one of those pics was of the villainess Linda Lash a member of the Shadow Warrior gang that kidnaps Marion in the classic 'Double Dragon' video game series. She's one of the earliest examples of the video game bad girl and she has a similar to various female rockers of the late 70's & early 80's. This was a semi-quick coloring job because I colored a much smaller version than the full scan.

Although I always try to stay as authentic as possible when drawing comic book characters, I get a bit more loose with these older game characters. With Linda Lash, I gave her the outfit from the arcade version, but the hairstyle of the NES VS Mode select screen portrait. I thought arcade version's curly hair was kinda blah for a character that seemed to be more 'punk' in inspiration. I'll be drawing a few more Double Dragon characters in the future, including the heroes Billy and Jimmy Lee.

By the way, do yourself a favor and check out what's probably the most extensive Double Dragon fan site in the recorded history of humankind: the Double Dragon Dojo.

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Linda (Double Dragon)