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Linda (Double Dragon) - 2008
Artwork by James Beaver

This is Linda, a villainous character from Technos' highly-influential video game classic, Double Dragon. She's the prototype of the video game bad girl with her high-heeled boots and trademark whip. My attempt to draw her a few years back failed because too much my cartoony "cutie" style crept in and mangled things. I drew her again because I'll need artwork of her for various projects on ScrollBoss. Also, a friend of mine needs a variation of this because I don't think the old Linda pic is good enough for his project.

Even though the old pic is made of fail, I kept the same design theory with her look. Linda has her outfit and color scheme from the arcade version, but the hairstyle of the NES VS Mode select screen portrait. I wanted her to look slightly punk and you just can't do that with a perm-fro.

By the way, do yourself a favor and check out what's probably the most extensive Double Dragon fan site in the recorded history of humankind: the Double Dragon Dojo.

Alternate Versions:
NES palette 2 Original Palette - Flat colors Alternate
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Linda (Double Dragon)