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Martha (from the Combatribes video game) (Combatribes) - 2009
Artwork by James Beaver

This is Martha, the final boss from the beat-em-up video game, Combatribes. While she does show off an hair-frizzing electric charge before the fight begins, this pose is a ramped up version of her normal standing pose. After the crappy pic I drew of her last time, I had to make up for it here. This was also another attempt to make it look like someone was looking down at the viewer even though it's not a true upshot. As a final boss who looks more like she's dressed for a piano recital than a fight (which actually plays into her surprise appearance in the arcade game), I did this to hopefully make her look a bit more threatening. If I didn't, I was afraid she'd look like the World's Toughest Bridesmaid... which COULD be scary, but not the kind of scary I was going for. Yes, I had fun drawing all that hair flying everywhere.
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Martha (Combatribes)