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Mizuki (Capcom) - 2009
Artwork by James Beaver

Mizuki, along with Midori, Luna and master Miso, were made for one of Capcom's last arcade beat-em-ups (games that focus adventure-based heroes vs. superior numbers combat)was based on the Punisher. Along with special guest star Nick Fury, Punisher fought many of his old enemies like Bushwhacker, Jigsaw, the Kingpin but Mizuki and the other ninja women seem to be Capcom-designed drones that fill out the rest of the game. They look a bit something the Hand would've cooked up and the idea of blonde female ninja assassins following a Japanese master is similar to enemies from the Dolph Lungren Punisher flick. Sadly, they didn't make it into the Genesis version and replaced with generic male ninja.

This was drawn by request for someone on deviantART named Gargu. I planned on drawing these ladies for ScrollBoss but Gargu's request made her a much higher-priority AND he got to choose who I drew first. Hope you like it, Gargu! I plan to draw the others at a later date and put them all in a group pic once I finish them all.
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Mizuki (Capcom Punisher game)