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Two.P and J - ScrollBoss 1000 hits (Final Fight) - 2005
Artwork by James Beaver

I always forget to celebrate site hit milestones because I'm still not used to having hit counters again. I missed most of 'em on Illmosis, so I had to celebrate ScrollBoss' 1000 hit. It's a parody of the net-famous 'Oh Snap' animation, but with Two.P and J. 'Who are Two.P and J?' you ask? Only two of my favorite 'drone' characters (enemies that appear frequently in a game, but aren't level bosses or anything) from Final Fight. 'What's Final Fight?' It's a game from the late 80's where you walk around and beat the crap out of bad people like you do in Double Dragon. Go check out the Capcom Classics Collection for some real Two.P and J action.
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Two.P , J (Final Fight)