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ScrollBoss Heroes layout (Various Video GAmes) - 2006
Artwork by James Beaver

This is the layout that I started for what would've been for ScrollBoss' 10,000th hit turned out to be a lackluster effort. It would've been a group shot featuring many of my favorite heroes from various side-scrollers. I was pretty sure about most of the characters and those are fairly obvious to veteran gamers. The big guy at the top is Haggar (Final Fight), the woman in the middle is Tyris Flare (Golden Axe) and Bomberman is at the bottom. The others will remain mysteries for now.

The problem started when it seemed like I'd never get this finished in time and I suddenly started thinking that I'd just do one character per company. This slowed things down because I couldn't think of a replacement for Alex Kidd, the 2nd Sega character in the pic. So when I saw Kiwi's great gift art (go to ScrollBoss to se it), I figured that I should do something more action-packed than a group shot. The results are a bit ironic. I will say this, though: I like how Haggar's face turned out here. Even if I don't finish this picture, I'm definitely drawing a solo Haggar pic using that face.

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