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Shinobi and Snake Eyes (G.I.JOE and Shinobi) - 2004
Artwork by James Beaver

Not only are Snake-Eyes and Jo "Shinobi" Musashi two of my favorite characters of all time, but each served as inspiration for my character 'Twofold' at different points of his creation. The pose from this picture comes from a sketch that I did last year (which you'll see a link to below). While Jo Musashi remains virtually unchanged from that sketch, I really coudln't decide on what Snake-Eyes would be armed with until the last minute.

This picture isn't fully finished, because there are a few minor details that need to be done for the background and some parts on the Viper's boot must be fixed (I don't have a v.1 Viper figure, so I can't see all the boot details). While eagle-eyed G.I.JOE fans will be able to identify the defeated Cobra trooper as a Night Viper, video game fans just might recognize the location as the same bar where you fight 'Shadow Dancer' in Revenge of Shinobi. The name Shadow Dancer is used again as the name of the next Shinobi game where Jo (or his son Hayate in the Japanese version) is partnered with a wolf. Snake-Eyes has a wolf. Small world, eh?

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