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Eddie 'Skate' Hunter from Streets of Rage (Streets of Rage) - 2004
Artwork by James Beaver

If you browse this site, you'll notice that I've got a soft spot for 80's and 90's video games. One of my favorite series is the Streets of Rage games by Sega. Great gameplay, character designs, graphics and a brilliant soundtrack by Yuzo Koshiro. In part one, there was a playable character named Adam Hunter. The storyline of part two features Adam getting captured and his little brother Eddie helps in the rescue mission. Then, the adults let him return in part three as well. Eddie here is the so-called 'speedy' character and his skates allow him to roll faster than the rest of the characters. He isn't strong, so you've got to keep on the move. The best part is that one of his special moves is the 'Windmill' breakdancing move (which has been ruined by people calling Booker T's taunt the 'Spinaronie'). As a Hip-Hop fan, that was a very cool thing to see.

This picture is based on his Streets of Rage 3 appearance. If you let him stand still for a while, pauses from his fighting pose and moves his finger in the international sign language for "come get your butt whupped" that doesn't need to be translated.

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Eddie 'Skate' Hunter