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Double Dragon enemies (Double Dragon) - 2012
Sprite work by James Beaver

These sprites were made for the 12th anniversary of ScrollBoss and were inspired by the 25th Anniversary year for Double Dragon. I was trying to get a lot of work done in a short amount of time and some of these sprites suffered for that. I like how Williams turned out, but Roper/Lopar was much too tall. Chin Taimei needs a bit of work, too. I made an Abobo sprite for the last ScrollBoss update for 2012 that used the scratch-made head I'd made for a bad 2011 Hulk-based sprite edit. I tried to make Abobo look as much like his earlier sprites as I could to avoid making him look like a generic big guy. I really wanted his head to look like a more realistic version of his iconic NES sprite's mug and I think I got that.
Alternate Versions:
All Abobo variants Work progress animation for Abobo standing sprite Work prog animation for Linda taunt 1 Linda, taunt 1, all variations
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Abobo (Double Dragon) , Chin Taimei , Linda (Double Dragon) , Roper (Double Dragon) , Williams (Double Dragon)