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Dragon's Crown NES-style (Vanillaware) - 2013
Scratch pixelart by James Beaver

I really enjoyed Dragon's Crown, Vanillaware's beautiful 2-D side-scrolling hack-and-slash game. I wanted to make tribute art for it, but didn't have time to make fighting game-style sprites. I'd been thinking about trying 32x32 pixel NES-style sprites around this time, so I thought it'd be fun to try remaking those characters in that way. The original designs in the game are so clean that it makes them easy to distill into smaller sprite forms, something that isn't easy with the insanely cluttered looks most other recent games have. That Elf needs some more work, though.
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pixelart videogames
Amazon (Dragon's Crown) , Dwarf (Dragon's Crown) , Elf (Dragon's Crown) , Fighter (Dragon's Crown) , Sorceress (Dragon's Crown) , Wizard (Dragon's Crown)