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Sprites - Growl (Growl) - 2012
Artwork by James Beaver

Taito's Growl (known as "Runark" in Japan) may not be one of the more technically sound beat-em-ups of the 90's, but it was filled with its own unique brand of fun. It drops the usual street vigilante vs. gang combat and moves things from the slums to the jungle. The game has a group of Indiana Jones/Panama Jack wanna-bes versus a group of poachers that includes. The women, identified in the Genesis manual as the Dolls, have three palettes in the arcade version, but the Genesis version has all three as blondes with different dress colors. I made a mistake with the size of the original version of the sprite and had to make a re-sized version so she wouldn't look like a giant when standing next to other characters in this scale.
Alternate Versions:
The original, larger sprites
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taito pixelart
Doll (Growl)