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Storm - NES game outfit (Marvel Comics) - 2005

Back in the 80's, LJN released an 'X-Men' game upon an unsuspecting world of NES owners. One of the many problems with the game is that they use the same body for all the heroes in the game, probably to save CPU space. They made an outfit design that's supposed to be a mix of almost everybody and the results were, well, mixed. No one got it worse than Storm, who ended up getting an outfit that looked like that sprite

That's right, she's pretty much butt-naked and with only a few bits of cloth except where she needs them. While working on the upcoming new version of ScrollBoss's Minus World Comedy section, that sprite cracked me up so much that I decided to draw it. I redrew the head on this three times before settling on a version I liked. While I was rushing with it before only because it'd only be shrunken down to about 200 pixels anyway. Still that last face just wasn't good enough and with her looking straight forward, she, you don't get the full mohawk effect. Finally finished in 2006.

Alternate Versions:
Head 2 censored Head 1 Censored version
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