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20,000 hits (Final Fight) - 2008
Artwork by James Beaver

At some point of April 26th, 2008, the Illmosis website got it's 20,000th visit. As a thank you to all of you who bothered to give the place a shot, I put together this "quick" picture. Really, this is a combo of 3 failed pictures: one with 10 characters, another with just Twofold and the Two.P, Twofold, and the legendary Mr. Wrestling #2. The 10 character picture would've had more characters with names that related to the number two and I'm pretty sure you can figure out some of the other characters. I just kept it to three characters just so I could finish it in the same weekend that it happened.
Alternate Versions:
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Two.P , Twofold , Mr. Wrestling #2