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Two.P cold chillin' (Final Fight) - 2007
Artwork by James Beaver

Ah, it's good ol' Two.P from Capcom's Final Fight. Along with his fellow jacket-wearing partner named "J" are two of the only drone characters in the game smart enough to not just walk into the swinging fists and feet of the story's heroes. If you're not facing them, they'll sneak up, grab and throw you to the ground. They walk in odd patterns and are usually the main characters to hit you during a big, crowded fight because you're concentrating on larger enemies. This picture is slightly based on a pose from the game where he's just chilling by a wall and waiting for a fight to break out. The bugged-out and sneaky characteristic that I give Two.P in my fan art comes from a combo of his intro appearance in the Sega CD port of Final Fight, his sneaky fighting style and... well... only a crazy person would dress like that. This is easily one of my favorite Capcom character designs and I don't get tired of drawing him. Eventually, I'll draw his homeslice J in his chillin' pose and put them together in a larger pic.
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