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Tyris Flare - Fighting stance (Golden Axe) - 2010
Artwork by James Beaver

This picture of Tyris Flare, one of the three heroes from Sega's Golden Axe video game, is based on her original fighting stance sprite but from an alternate view. I've tried to draw this, many, many, many, many, many times and each attempt ended in fail. This one ended with less fail. I tried a few new tricks while coloring this one and most of them seem to have paid off. The original plan was to remove the muscle lines in a few places after I shaded it but the first version didn't look right without them. I improved the shading a few days after I posted it and that's the main version you see here.
Alternate Versions:
1st version with more muscle linework Color solo Base Color B&W
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Tyris Flare