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Wendy Milan (Rushing Beat) - 2007
Artwork by James Beaver

Wendy here is a hero from Jaleco's game Brawl Brothers (known as Rushing Beat Ran in Japan). What makes her such double-trouble is how she's both an obscure video game character who is also a (fictional) female wrestler. This pose is mostly based on a taunt she does in the game. I've never seen any official artwork of Wendy or any other Rushing Beta saga characters, so many details are based directly from the sprite and art in the actual game. In the final version, I started using official SFII-era Chun-Li artwork as boot reference due to their similarity. But once I found some good wrestling boot photos, I realized that Chun-Li's were just modified wrestling boots all along. How am I just now noticing that? I tried to give her the cuteness of a heroic Japanese women's wrestler like Cutie Suzuki. Thanks to some feedback on the message board by Z Sabre User, I made further slight mods to her left leg.

To read a rambling, sarcastic 'tutorial' about how I made this picture, check out this post on the Beans vs. Cornbread blog.
Alternate Versions:
from sprite to early sketches. 1st crappy version made for pose sorting and tracing Pencil Inked
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Wendy Milan