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ScrollBoss gallery page 4
Tyris Flare from Sega's Golden Axe games Gilius Thunderhead from Sega's Golden Axe games Why is this man drowning? Simon Belmont in pencil Max Thunder from Streets of Rage 2 Pit from Kid Icarus Group shot of Golden Axe's heroes Blaze Fielding from Sega's Streets of Rage.
Bionic Commando, Radd Spencer, in his NES game outfit. Batman, the Hulk, the Baroness, Nutroll, Two.P and J, Pit Pat and the Punisher (sort of) Fighting pracice, the BizMarkie bird from Spring Again and the Ice Cream Man. Enemies from Capcom's Final Fight including Sodom and Rolento. Cap, Iron Man, Bionic Commando, a HISS tank, Nutroll. Spider-Woman, GL John Stewart and Space Invaders Hellcat, Damnd, the Question
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