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Alex (River City Random) - 2007
Artwork by James Beaver

Here's Alex, a hero from the NES video game 'River City Ransom' by Technos. I'm trying build my own style for the characters of this series and it's original Japanese counterpart in the Kunio-Kun series of games. It's a fun change from my usual style and is close to one that I'd use back in Jr. High and High School. I went a bit overboard on the feet even though I know I'd use the smaller feet once I get around to Kunio and Riki. The eyes are definitely inspired by official Kunio art. The head shape was mostly inspired by the sprite.

Two things about this (besides the low quality of the art) will probably bug some people about this. The first is that the brass knuckles are on his left/leading hand instead of his right hand. That's because I thought it'd look better as he held his bookbag with his right hand. Point two would be that he has a bookbag. Well, where else would he hold all those game items? I first drew that in a very old ScrollBoss pic and I've drawn it ever since.
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Alex (RCR)