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hero tag gallery page 1
Iron Man flying in his 1994 modular armor. Pixel art X-Men in the Pryde of the X-Men/Konami arcade line-up. Spider-Man (Miles Morales) 2016 Fighting game-style sprites of Nutroll Sprite of Link from Legend of Zelda series of games by Nintendo Pixel art group shot of DC's Justice Leauge T'Challa, the Black Panther TMNT sprites made from scratch.
Pac-Man 2015 '20XX' Illmosis network promotional flyer. Flash (Barry Allen) Gilius Thunderhead 2014 pic Fake screenshots of a 2-D fighting game filled with horror movie characters. Shinobi sprites made from scratch. Sprites of Ninja Gaiden characters (classic series) fighting game-style sprites of the Flash: Jay, Barry and Wally
Sprites based on the Tiny Titans from DC Comics Fighting game sprites of members from the Vigilants Fighting game sprites of M-Wave Sprites of Friday the 13th characters Fighting game sprites of the Entity Monster Party sprites made from scratch. Altered Beast sprites made from scratch. Sprites of characters from the Gauntlet video games
Streets of Rage sprites made from scratch. 2014 Illmosis network promotional flyer. A long overdue pic of Optimus Prime Mario Sprite of Link from Legend of Zelda series of games by Nintendo 2013 Illmosis network promotional flyer. Green Lantern - John Stewart flying fighting game-style sprites of Superman (and some guest-stars.
Sega's Quartet in scratch-made sprite form. Sprites based on Milestone Comics Radd 'Bionic Commando' Spencer in fighting scale pixel art form The first three rules to The War Begins Again. Sprites based on characters from the Raven's Dojo series Sprites of character from the BurgerTime series Pac-Man sprites of the Ice Cream Man
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