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Douglas Bild (Rushing Beat) - 2010
Artwork by James Beaver

This pic of Douglas Bild is based on his pose seen on the Brawl Brothers (known as Rushing Beat Ran in Japan) and the face is meant to look like his in-game portrait. I planned to draw him last year but lost the notebook that I drew a really good pose of him in. None of the other attempts turned out right so I just redrew this pose of the game's character select screen. The first attempt was drawn in blue line pencils then tightened with regular leads but I didn't like the proportions. I lightbox traced that to new paper while changing the proportions which I still messed up while suffering from the effects of a cold. I digitally shifted a few things here and there (mostly the arms).
Alternate Versions:
Base color pencils of early version
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Douglas Bild