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Bomberman fighting sprites (Bomberman) - 2011
Artwork by James Beaver

This is Bomberman in the a pixel art style and scale based on Capcom's CPS2 era games. I made him in this scale to fit in with Capcom's huge library of sprite sets in this style along with the other custom sprites I've made to match that size. That weird version that you see elsewhere on this page is the special color map version. It has many extra colors to allow for different color sets since the other Bombermen don't follow the same color pattern (mostly the different arms, legs and belt colors). I'd probably have a few more effects for this one if I didn't have to worry about the alternate patterns.
Alternate Versions:
Lit bomb version of pose 1 Lit bomb version of pose 1 Color Map version
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bomberman hudsoft hero videogames pixelart