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Guy vs. Shiva (Final Fight/Streets of Rage) - 2006
Artwork by James Beaver

What was meant to be a celebratory pic for ScrollBoss' 10,000th hit turned out to be a lackluster effort. I originally planned to draw a group shot of various game heroes, but Kiwi Deorum's spectacular gift art inspired me to try this crossover battle that I'd been wanting to draw for a long time. Both characters are incredibly fast and technically sound fighters and would be a marquee match if there were ever a Final Fight/Streets of Rage crossover. I drew the two of them separately and I changed Guy's leg positioning a bit. That pretty much took all the life out of the pose and, in the end, caused me to not even finish coloring it. I'll take another try at this faliure later this year.
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Guy (Final Fight) , Shiva (SoR)