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Rick Taylor (from the Splatterhouse video game) (Splatterhouse) - 2004
Artwork by James Beaver

No, that's not Jason Voorhees. This is Rick Taylor, the hero from the Namco game, Splatterhouse. In the game, the students Rick (a normal human) and his girlfriend Jennifer make the mistake of visiting West Mansion, only to find Dr. West missing. Creatures kidnap Jennifer and kill Rick. The Hell-Mask that Dr. West was studying brings Rick back to life and possesses him. What follows is one of the goriest games ever made long before Mortal Kombat or Resident Evil.
The main thing that I was going for here was to make him look strong without giving him that 'sculpted bodybuilder' look. He looked kinda thick and stocky in the game and I wanted to capture that. From the feedback I've had so far, I succeeded. As usual, there's some things that I really screwed up, but this pic makes me feel like I'm getting back into the swing of things. While I planned on drawing this character long ago, it was my friend Dire (who runs the West Mansion:Splatterhouse fan site) who urged me to do this one. In fact, check out his funky fresh Splatterhouse site!

West Mansion: Splatterhouse Homepage
Finally colored it in 2006.
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