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Altered Beast sprites (Altered Beast) - 2012-2014
Sprite work by James Beaver

Altered Beast werewolf: fighting stance from 2014, sketched once, then traced while adding a better left fist. I think I might have made the werewolf a bit too tall, so they could be a slight adjustment revision later.

Neff (Rhino) and the Headless Horror sprites were made in October 2013 for the Halloween update. Neff's Rhino form is a personal favorite of mine, as the final product is really close to the image I had in my head for it. The Headless Horror was deceptively difficult to figure out, because it has such a twisted-up, gnarled pose. It wasn't until later that I found out I'd made the sprite too small and will have to correct the scale of it later.

Slow Feet, the staggering skull-headed zombie, was made during the 2014 DangerTerrorHorrorThon on ScrollBoss and it's one of my favorite sprites from those updates. I'd really like to make an animated version of it, as the original Sega sprites are one of my favorite pixel art zombie shambles of all time.

Alternate Versions:
Werewolf lineart scan, v.1 Werewolf lineart scan palette for Werewolf and Golden Werewolf Neff (Rhino) f.stance linework Slow Feet walk, line work
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Altered Beast , Neff , Headless Horror , Slow Feet