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Legend of Zelda sprites - fight-sized (Nintendo) - 2013
Artwork by James Beaver

Link: The first sprite of Link kneeling is based on official artwork for the original Legend of Zelda. I made the sprite as a late celebration of the game's 26th anniversary (and because a Link sprite from me seems overdue). It's rare to see fan work based on the original LoZ game these days, so I made this simple sprite to help balance that out. The "ready to fight" looking sprites were made in 2013.

Zelda: Zelda's "clasped hands" sprite was made in 2013 and based on the only official art I've seen of her from the original game. You really wouldn't believe how much time I spent working on the face of that sprite.

Gannon: This is pretty much my own version of Gannon that's based on a mix of the original NES sprite, the ending screen of Zelda II for the NES, and his design from A Link to the Past.
Alternate Versions:
2012 pixel art pic Ganon pose 1 work progress GIF Zelda - hands clasped, work progress GIF
Content Tags:
hero nintendo pixelart
Link (LoZ) , Zelda (LoZ) , Ganon (LoZ)