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Nutroll - The Illness
What was that strange video that popped up on the April Fool's Day newscast? Don't tell me that was the same guy in that blurry dance club video a few years back or the guy that shows up on that fake skateboard video! That was all fake, right? Right?!? Wrong. Not only was it real, but it's the most real thing this world will ever see. Prepare yourself for a mind-bending glance at Nutroll... and the illness.
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Nutroll - The Illness (2007)
This is the unfinished 2007 version of Nutroll: The Illness. Bits of this will appear in the 2008 version and the Teaser page will be mostly the same, but page 1 will look completely different.
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Nutroll - Escapism Preview (1998-1999)
This was going to be part of an anthology ashcan I made back in the late 90's. I thought I drew this in '98 and put it together in 1999, but I found a version of the cover that teases a Winter 1998 release for the whole Nutroll story. This is just a preview for that full Nutroll ashcan. The Entity ashcan would've just featured the M-Wave/Ace of Clubs team-up with the Entity's wrap-around story but everyone around me wanted to see some Nutroll in it. So I lettered the first five page with an alternate version of the last panel. All 10 pages are drawn but I'm keeping them under wraps since I'll be remaking this story in the future. Not the far-flung future but I'm sure it'll seem like it. For the record, this story is no longer canon and I posted it just to prove that I've actually done something with ol' Nutroll. This story was named 'the ILLNESS' back then but I renamed it 'Escapism' later. For a lot of reasons (check out the non-powered version of Kinney), this version isn't considered canon. There'll be a remake of this in (hopefully) 2009.
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