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Real Name: Rosana Acero
Alias: Digisynteca
Affiliation: No affiliation
Allies/Friends: CoCo Future (profile), Inkwelle (profile)
Enemies: what is this?
Occupation: Amateur mechanic, Special effects prop designer, dancer
Height: 5"7 Weight: ???
Eye Color: brown
Hair Color: black
Likes: sci-fi, dancing, creating costumes, building props, auto work
Dislikes: cattiness, backstabbing, lecherous directors
First appearance: Nutroll: the Illness

Artwork Gallery: here

Rosana was the only daughter in a household with 4 older brothers who schooled her in car appreciation, sci-fi geekery and kicking butt. She later took dance lessons and auto mechanic lessons at the same time. Low on money at the time, her friend and fellow dancer Susan got her to join the dancers at the struggling dance club, Klubtronique. Rosana made a sci-fi costume and alter-ego named Digisynteca to go along with Susan's cartoon-inspired wardrobe. They built a following with their routines which saved Klubtronique ahd netted them a bit more money. As yet another side gig, she began making props for low-budget films and has started experimenting with customized vehicles.
Rosana was at the club during the 'Yellow Mask' incident and was interviewed by NNC about the incident.
Abilities and Skills:
Dancing, Auto work, prop making (on a budget, of course).
Gear, Equipment, etc.:
Varies depending on job. Wears sci-fi inspired gear while dancing. Wears baggy work jumpsuit while fixing things or creating metal parts of her outfit.
Comics featuring Digisynteca:
No comic links
She was meant to be just a 2 or 3 panel character, but the ideas that I kept adding pretty much ensures that she'll pop up again in later Nutroll stories or in other stories. As I changed her outfit from a space princess/bounty huntress to a more Gynoid-like design, it immediately reminded me of a dancer in real life named Chromegirl (Warning: page may not be Work-Safe). I sent her an message about it and she okayed it, so even I'm even crediting her as Rosana's inspiration in the book, too. For that, she has my geekified gratitude and will be credited as one of Rosana's heroes along with Soroyama and Mugler. She's just cool like that.
Profile gallery (including art that isn't in the main site galleries)