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Real Name: Susan Janet Weaver
Alias: Inkwelle
Affiliation: none
Allies/Friends: CoCo Future (profile), Rosana Acero (Digisynteca) (profile)
Enemies: no enemies
Occupation: dancer, artist, freelance costume/prop designer
Height: 5"6 Weight: ???
Eye Color: green
Hair Color: red
Likes: Dancing, Mysteries, Race Cars, Costume design, Painting and old cartoons
Dislikes: backstabbers, shify promoters, shifty club owners, shiftiness in general (even if it isn't a real word). Most of all, hates people who rip off work from others' art.
First appearance: Nutroll: the Illness

Artwork Gallery: here

Susan is the best friend of Rosana "Digisynteca" Acero. Not only do they both dance at Klubtronique but they frequently collaborate on design projects. Susan and Rosana are on stage during the infamous 'Yellow Mask' incident.
Abilities and Skills:
Dancing, Painting, Character Design.
Gear, Equipment, etc.:
While dancing, she wears her own designs but occasionally wears outfits inspired by various cartoons.
Comics featuring Inkwelle:
No comic links
As a possible replacement for Digisynteca, Inkwelle was designed as a modernized version of a female TV cartoon character. Both characters have backstory that will make them useful in future storylines (bum-ba-bumm bumm!).
Profile gallery (including art that isn't in the main site galleries)