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Sequential Artwork

I don't have much sequential artwork that doesn't have my own character running through it, so there's not much here.

the Thing (1999) 1 2 3 4 5

So this was supposed to be my demonstration that I could do sequential work that DIDN'T have my characters in it. I put the Thing in there because he was fun to draw and he was one of those characters that people almost constantly screwed-up. People always ask me why "mystery bad guy" does what he does at the end. The truth is that this was supposed to go on for a few more pages. Look at the third panel on page 1. If you look closely in the darkened alley, there's more than one person hiding in there. **Insert ominous orchestra strike HERE**

the Transformers (2000) pages: 1
I don't remember why I never went further than this page. I just remember sketching thumbnails for a page where Bumblebee and Prowl are zipping through the halls, then transform and see what set off the alarm. That's about it. Still, I proved that I could draw a Transformers doing a flip while transforming.

Tekken: Marshall Law vs Baek Doo San (????) 1

This was done as a sample sent to a company that was working on a Tekken comic. I tried to have the two characters fighting the way that they do in Tekken 2 including Law's often-abused Flip Kick. When I didn't hear back from the company, I took it as a sign that I sucked. Later, I heard the company was going through trouble and no longer had the Tekken book and that someone else had the license.