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Illmosis - Frequently Asked Questions (before anyone asks)

What does Illmosis mean?
Illmosis is having multiple thoughts running through the brain at the same time that may or may not have anything to do with each other even when you're not trying to think of anything. Every once in a while, these random, incoherent thoughts will collide and merge into one idea that is probably insane, strange or just plain ill. Other times, incomplete ideas roll around and absorb particles from other thoughts until they reach their final stage of... whatever. Either way, a new thought is born and it's arrival hits the mind with burning tingle that eventually makes it's way through the spine. It is a buzz that can't be duplicated even if you snort unicorn horn shavings or freebase counterfeit Skittles. In short, it is a high that can only be reached by... Illmosis

Plus it's just a weird lookin' word.

Why do you draw so much fan art of stuff that most people never heard of?
Someone has to. Really, this world won't turn any slower just because I'm denying it one more piece of crappy Lara Croft or Wolverine art. Besides, I like a lot of characters that most people never heard of. These characters deserve art on the interwebs just as much as Logan McSteaknifeknuckles.

There isn't a lot here with your characters. What's up with that?
There's a ton of stuff that I'm holding back for various reasons. The biggest one is that I need a good name for my main comic book universe. The Nutroll and Twofold stuff are pretty much their own corners with decent enough names. I just can't all the place 'the Illverse' or something. Once I come up with something, I'll probably flood the site with it all. You'll be soaking in it.