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Real Name: Amber Casey
Alias: Mindsight
Allies/Friends: Ace of Clubs (profile), Batterram (profile), Exponent (profile), Longway (profile)
Occupation: Enhanced Inborn Emergency Medic
Height: 5 feet 5 inches Weight: ??? lbs.
Eye Color: brown
Hair Color: black

Artwork Gallery: here

Amber Casey's parents left their old neighborhood after a series of violent incidents caused the area to become far more chaotic. Her move to the suburbs caused a jarring culture shock that is suspected of triggering her ability to sense another person's true mood and basic intent. A subconscious use of these powers aided her in fitting in with her new neighbors and classmates. The discovery of her Inborn powers lead to her job as an Enhanced Inborn Emergency Medic where she used telekinesis to safely move rubble and her minor telepathy skills to calm hysterical patients enough to be safely attended to. She became skilled enough to use her telekinesis as an offensive power and began to transition into crimefighting. She usually works with the group of vigilantes built and led by the Ace of Clubs is putting together. She is now close friends with fellow group member, Jenny "Exponent" Jacobs.
Abilities and Skills:
Amber Casey is an Inborn with various powers that mostly involve psionics. Her telekinetic powers, the ability to move objects through willpower, is her only constant. She has a very limited form of telepathy where she can sense feelings and basic intent and can transmit the same things from herself to a single target. This power was honed during her time as an Enhanced Inborn Emergency Medic to calm patients enough to aid in their recovery. She also has the ability to sense very intense danger up to thirty seconds before incident occurs. These secondary powers can't be used at the same time. Tests have shown that her powers are still evolving so it is uncertain what the final limits of her powers will be.
Comics featuring Mindsight:
No comic links
Mindsight was one half of the original Nubia (Syuniris) concept before I split her into two new characters. Her main inheritence was the set of borderline generic psionic powers.
Profile gallery (including art that isn't in the main site galleries)