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Real Name: Marcus Edwards
Alias: M-Wave
Affiliation: Institute of Extra-Science Studies
Allies/Friends: Dr. Sylvia Gaines, Dr. Sakimoto (profile)
Enemies: Seismo
Occupation: Troubleshooter for the Institute of Extra-Science Studies
Height: 5 feet 10 inches (normal) 6 feet (powered up) Weight: 192 lbs. (normal)
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Black
Birthplace: Harrington City, Scottsborough
Area of Operations: Varaious areas of Harrington City
Likes: LaRoque Tea

Artwork Gallery: here

M-Wave hails from the Scottsborough section of Harrington City though he talks very little of his past. He currently uses his powers to help the Institute of Extra-Science Studies started by his mother's former classmate, Dr. Sylvia Gaines. He's their main resident 'problem solver' who resolves any threat made on or unwittingly from the Institute. From mundane tasks like helping clear up an accident in the lab to fighting a gang of super-criminals who stole a dangerous piece of technology, M-Wave has a joke for it and isn't afraid to stare into the face of the threat. His bravery sometimes borders on recklessness and has to be reigned in a bit though his heart is in the right place. He often takes on threats that are outside his job description with the glory going to the other paid crime-fighters who arrive to perform clean-up.
Abilities and Skills:
Marcus is an Inborn with the powers of flight and bio-energy manipulation. These powers are only minor when he isn't powered-up but he can somehow concentrate the lower level energy to transform into a more muscular version of himself that seems to be partially made of energy. This even baffles Dr. Gaines who is still studying this to make sure that Marcus isn't hurting himself when he does this. What she has been able to determine about this energy is that it seems to harness his super-human bio-electricity for offensive and defensive uses while behaving more like other forms of energy. He can fire this like a beam, charge his body with it for offensive and defensive purposes and create small shields with it. His body stores this energy like a battery and it can be expended if he uses it too much.
Gear, Equipment, etc.:
M-Wave wears a Grade-B damage-resistant Synthex outfit given to him by the Institute. This uniform was a spare, unused outfit that happened to fit and the pre-existing M symbol lead to his name. This outfit masks his energy signature to make him a bit harder for his opponents to find with tracking devices. The trunks and attached elastic belt come from a different outfit and the detachable buckle has a small compartment which holds his Crimefighter's License. There is an earpiece that lets him get communications from the Institute while out in the field.
Comics featuring M-Wave:
No comic links
The first character that I ever made. He started with a "default superhero personality" since I was only 10 years old at the time. While in junior high school, I started to flesh out how my characters acted and subconsciously started to make M-Wave speak the way I did back then. It looked more ridiculous than, as he would've said then, stupid fresh. It seemed like he was supposed to be a younger Black character so I eventually made him one. He always had a spot on my main superteam until the mid-90's when I wanted him to have more solo adventures.
Profile gallery (including art that isn't in the main site galleries)