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Converge - fake figure listing (Marvel Comics and Capcom) - 199?
Artwork by James Beaver

Long ago, ToyFare had a contest for who could come up with a crazy Spider-Man variant. I started sketching some when I jokingly did a Ninja Spider-Man who looked a lot like Capcom's Strider Hiryu. My memory gets a bit fuzzy here, but I think I changed it to Street Fighter hero Ryu since he's the flagship character of Capcom much like Spidey is Marvel's main man. I'd made a custom Ryu before the Marvel vs. Capcom figures were done that featured a hand-sewn karate-dogi, so I just made a spider-themed version of it. Then I made a quick blue gi for Ken Storm and put it on an Ioalus figure and modded my abandoned M.Bision WIP into General Doom. I also started working on a fake toy package. What's odd is that while Spider-Ryu is pretty stupid, some of the others matched up pretty well in either the design or basic idea. Ken Masters and Johnny Storm were both smart-alec blond rich boys with fire-based powers so his amalgam of Ken Storm made sense. Chun-Li joining Nick Fury's crew instead of Interpol? Made sense. Sagat's black and white trunks with a symbiote eyepatch? Eh, it just looks cool. Captain America throwing a shield with a sonic boom like Charlie or Guile? Nobody got it. I left Cap as is to match how I just used a cap figure in the diorama stuff I quickly set up. I did a big battle scene only for NONE of the pics to come out right.
Content Tags:
doodle marvel capcom hero heroine villain redesign
Spider-Man , Captain America , Dr. Doom , Human Torch , Scarlet Witch , Ghost Rider , S.H.I.E.L.D. , Venom , Ryu , Ken Masters , M.Bison , Vega , Chun-Li , Guile , Charlie (SF) , Rose (SF) , Gouki/Akuma