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villain tag gallery page 2
Zoom (DCTV) running Pixel art group shot of some infamous Gotham City villains Fake screenshots of a 2-D fighting game filled with horror movie characters. fighting game-style sprites of villains from DC Comics. Sprites of Friday the 13th characters Various villains from Marvel Comics in sprite form fighting game-style sprites of Superman (and some guest-stars. Various Double Dragon enemies in scratch-made sprite form.
Sprites of Golden Axe villains. Sprites of giant characters Scratch-made sprites of Tekken series characters Scratch-made sprites of the Ghost Monsters from Pac-Man Seismo sports his new character design. the villainous Inquisitor, master thinker of the Earlier Age Medusa (Castlevania) in her original design. Scratch-made sprites of Death from Castlevania.
Death (Castlevania) in his original design. Stratagem 2010 profile pic and redesign Trick's 2009 character profile art Negater's 2009 character profile art Sprites of Death Adder from Sega's Golden Axe series. Poison and Billy from Cobra Trooper in guard mode Solomon Grundy.
Black Manta, member of the Legion of Doom and nemesis of Aquaman. Cobra Commander (helmet) full figure artwork Abobo from the classic Double Dragon arcade and NES game Pac-Man The little Green Thief from Sega's Golden Axe Hostyle, a villain from the Twofold comic The irritating little Blue Thief from Sega's Golden Axe Abobo - Mission 1 Boss from the arcade version of Double Dragon.
Karnov (Jinborov Karnovski), the hero and villain of many Data East video games. Black Manta, member of the Legion of Doom and nemesis of Aquaman. Guy (Final Fight) vs. Shiva (Streets of Rage) Santa Poppy Bros. Sr. Claus Smiling Demon from my Twofold comic the Juggernaut from Marvel Comics. Cobra CLAWS Two.P from Final Fight
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