Currently having some problems with a program I use to test PHP and MySQL on the hard drive version of my sites. It turns out to be a big part of why I had such connection problems lately because it doesn’t get bad until I turn the PHP/Apache part on. I’m still working on this […]

Update 1: The bad weather here seems to be messing with my net connection so I’m posting this while I can. I may do more with the background later. Update 2: One of the things I wanted to add to the pic didn’t work but I did add a few more effects to make the […]

Star Sapphire appears in full color and with a new pair of legs. Expect a better special effects when I get a background together for her. Thanks to sinus problems or something that feels like them, I feel like Arn Anderson hit me in the back of the head with a tire iron so I’m […]

Just a small update here. I was digitally cleaning up the line work so I decided to try a few color schemes for him and post them. People seem to like him more than I expected so I’m glad that he shows up early in the comic he’ll appear in.

Happy New Year! Santessa’s 2010 pic is added to the gallery along with two new character designs: Petey Panels and Maceo. You may recognize Petey’s shape from a preview post back in October but his final design is ready now and was the last picture I drew in 2010. Maceo happens to be the picture […]