Today’s update is a new scratch-made sprite of Tanya, a playable character from Atari Games’ heavily-mocked arcade beat-em-up, “Guardians of the ‘Hood.” Click the small picture to see the sprite’s gallery page and check out the reference pic to see how she looks compared to her original, digitized counterpart. She’ll be in this week’s ScrollBoss […]

Beatdown is finally in full color and I really like how she turned out. I’ve been tweaking her backstory for a while and working on stories where she appears (including one in which you won’t recognize her at first), so it’s good to finally have a full-color picture of her. The other new thing in […]

The title almost says it all, but not quite. I still wasn’t happy with how she looked, so I digitally retraced the lines instead of my usually smudge/contrast line cleaning method. It’s a method that I’m still trying to get a handle on, but I like how it turned out here.

Gallery pages are now up for the Ms. Pac-Man and Pooka sprites.

I just updated ScrollBoss with some Pac-related sprites, but I’m a bit worn out and only have a page ready for Ghost Monsters here. There’s a brand new sprite of Sue and a standard Ghost Monster sprite that has been palette swapped for all the original monsters. I’ll have pages for the other sprites ready […]